Thanks to our generous friends and sponsors. 


Saratoga are involved in a bid to bring the standards of pre-primary education in underprivileged areas up to code. The Khayelitsha Christian Academy building project entails getting the structure up to the necessary standard and registered with government.

Saratoga is a niche professional services business that takes pride in tackling and delivering challenging technology solutions. Visit to find out more.

Holy Trinity Church

Big thanks to the Holy Trinity Church for all the efforts in overseeing the admin and finances for the Khayelitsha Academy! 

Holy Trinity Church, Gardens, is the mother Church of our denomination, the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa (REACH – South Africa). Their gospel heritage extends back to 1846 when the original Church building was erected. Take a look at their website.

See Saw Do

See-Saw-Do is a social enterprise that focuses on the physical transformation of the spaces in which children develop. They're working with Saratoga to design beautiful murals to transform the school playground. Find out more.

Starke Ayres 

Local Southern Suburbs nursery, Starke Ayres is providing seasonal plants and fertilisers to green the school grounds. Visit the Starke Ayres website.

Tommy Brümmer

Town planners, Tommy and Arina have been invaluable during the planning of the church and school renovations. Arina comments, "Being parents ourselves and knowing the importance of education from a young age for children in a safe environment, it has been a privilege for us to be part of the planning of this facility which will no doubt provide an invaluable service to the community of Mandela Park."

Rhosigns Neon

Rhosigns Neon manufactures and installs signs in many guises - billboards, pylons, neon and LED signage.  The new signage at the school is their handiwork. Visit their site for more info.


Robinson Wentworth Architects

Robinson Wentworth have been involved extensively in the design and construction of educational buildings both in the United Kingdom and in South Africa. In South Africa their skills are being used widely in early childhood developments in the Cape Town area. 

Robinson Wentworth have been involved with developing the proposals with Khayelitsha Christian Academy since 2012, jointly developing the options with the school and the church. The scheme has recently been awarded planning permission for new and upgraded facilities and the dual use of the existing church for educational purposes. The proposals seeks to create an active social heart in the centre of the scheme with a large undercover play area which links the existing and proposed components of the school . The new configuration of the school encloses the site from prevailing winds and uses extensive landscaping to shelter and protect the school.


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A big challenge for any clearing job is what to do with the rubble, garden refuse and general waste? Wasteman have kindly given us the use of a massive Roro bin for the duration of the clean-up. Thanks to Roland and René!